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2 days

Employee wellness experience

Giving your associates a paradigm shifting experience.
Our 2 day workshop includes a schedule full of experiences, knowledge and surprises! We aim to break the routin while focusing on life change after the event.
The workshop works on all three levels – body, mind and spirit.

2 days

Director’s experience

This unique workshop is exclusive and is meant for high ranking executives. We only take small groups and we work on the individual level. This luxurious event includes a series of health treatments: Light therapy, stem cell therapy, ERA therapy and more.

We have designed this event to suit specifically for the needs of high ranking managers. For the lectures we bring globals experts to speak on anything and everything:

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Our events are humorous, exciting and stimulating.
We make sure to blend learning times with time for self and relaxation,
which we believe is mandatory to grasp to material we teach.

Here are the three little things that
makes us special

We are about the experience, not only the knowledge

In most events that we are familiar with – there is a lot of knowledge transferred that only some of it is actually left when
we go back home.

That is why our selected content is not solely for the purpose of educating, as we know that the world is already full of that.

That is why we provide a unique experience. Memories that cannot be erased.

We hire the best of the best

Starting with our founder Ray Maor, we have hand picked each and everyone of our speakers \ mentors.

They are all professionals in their field, amusing, impressive, knowledgeable and captivating. 

Your needs are above all

We understand that any team or group of individuals \ employees that will join a workshop are unique.

A sales team, for example, is very different in character than an IT team.

Therefor we create fit our training content with great consideration of the general nature of our participants.

Our Team

This is our dedicated team who work day-in and day-out together to bring
our clients the most amazing projects for a digitally connected world.

Ray Maor

Founder & Main Speaker
Ray is the author of 2 books in personal development and a world known speaker. Ray travels each month to another country to pass his more advanced workshops to individuals seeking growth.
His knowledge and interests are those of a renaissance man yet he teaches with simplicity and grace. Ray is the founder of the ‘Beyond Wellness and Consciousness Workshops’ and is the creator of the template.

Daniel Davidson

NLP Master, Author, Presenter and Motivational Speaker
CEO of personal awareness and business school, Author of two books in personal development, a teacher of mentors. Daniel is one of the most captivating speakers you have ever heard.
With a great personality and a huge heart – Daniel will win you over in a heartbeat.

Jill Wheaton

Motivational Speaker and Tony Robbin's leading sales person
Listening to Jill talk you will instantly be fascinated by her knowledge and presentation.
Jill has a vast background of working with groups and individual… Jill (fill this up)

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